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3 Notes From The Chef


Respected chefs are the first to see potential in a young cook and understand their need to grow and develop. Just like the tiny maple seed that grows into a giant maple tree, every cook represents immeasurable potential waiting to be tapped. Great chefs generally come from a discerning background of distinguished restaurants. A well-respected chef will refer the next generation both to the talents that shaped their own careers and to the respected peers they’ve met along the way.

Every cook knows what staging is, but not all believe in the benefit of investing time and energy for free training, often forgoing the rich benefits of connecting with and simply being surrounded by better cooks. Cooks are always talking about what ‘s new and hot, and will scrutinize good food and new techniques. What better way to tap into that knowledge? I believe every young cook needs a mentor, but not all find one. This is a missing element that culinary literature as a genre has yet to address, and I aim to fill that void.

Addicted to food, in love with the kitchen and hungry for knowledge; a need for autonomy sparked a relentless drive to learn from the very best at a young age. Immediately absorbed by technique and obsessed with cooking I was irrefutably hooked onto this illusive life of a chef. As student, cook, chef and ultimately a foodie, I am out to shed light on the many paths a chef can travel on their way to the top. Smashing down walls of self doubt, surpassing endless road blocks and withstanding the grueling pressure ones sure to endure it’s my belief is that staging is the foundation of a satisfying culinary career. The following is an inspirational story to which any aspiring chefs, seasoned veterans and even curious diners can relate.

I’ve consistently been in pursuit of inspiration and to learn new hands-on techniques and training throughout my career. Rather than receiving theory in the classroom setting, I’d sought out inspiration behind the stove. Always cooking on my own terms and nobody else’s knowing full well the value in diversified work experience in the culinary field. Through hard work and dedication, I’ve gained access to some of the greatest minds in food and been surrounded by some of the most passionate, hard working and dedicated people around. This experience has lead to full time jobs and provided the skills to advance quickly to creating restaurant menus, becoming a private chef and above all else inspiring others. Without word of mouth recommendations and the advice of others I would have never experienced nearly as much as I have. Creativity has fuelled my passion, and the combination of strong mentorship and dedicated staging has given me a taste of success and freedom to reach even further, and provided the ability to share that wisdom with others.

I have seen many unique approaches to food always inspired by those around me. The most rewarding time I have spent in a kitchen has been while staging either taking away ideas, techniques or opening doors to unforeseen opportunities. I have always focused on every critical component of cooking from hand to plate, because I understand that every step of the process deserves scrutiny – from sourcing local ingredients to polishing the rim of is completed dish. I’ve discovered the best way to learn to cook is by stepping into the kitchen with an inquisitive palette and investigative mind! I’ve always searched for contemporary ingredients, cuisine, and cooking techniques throughout my career. Remember you cannot hope to create flavor combinations before even understanding what makes certain foods taste extremely good. So whether you are dreaming of future possibilities, reflecting on personal experiences or wish to peak behind the curtain form the dining room, this fulfilling journey is sure to move you.