Terms & Conditions

* Fees will vary based on the meal at hand, number of guests and required level of service. Geographic location, assistance and dietary restrictions will be taken into account. Planning, provisioning and shopping is included in all quotes. Gratuities are optional.

** Deposit of 20% may apply at the time of reservation and is non-refundable. These will are deducted from the first invoice. This deposit will ensure your date is saved and covers administrative costs (i.e. menu development & grocery planning).

Menus are subject to change based on product availability, freshness and seasonality. All necessary substitutions are to the digression of the chef.

Groceries are expensed to the client and a detailed list will be provided in advanced should the client wish to eliminate items already in their kitchen (optional). All groceries and left over food belong to the client and recipes for future use can be provided by request (fees may apply depending on scope of request). Client must set up credit card or petty cash system for groceries unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

Kids Menus are available and options are customized on a client-by-client basis upon request.

Payments are accepted by cash or email money transfer. All quoted fees are due in full the day of your reservation along with reimbursement for groceries.

Cancelation must be made 48 hours prior to a booked reservation of 3 or less days (contracts will apply to bookings for 7 days or more). If this condition is not met, a gift certificate for the quoted fee will be issued for a future booking. Any groceries purchased will be charged to the client.