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Step One: Contact Me to request dates you require my services.

Step Two: Choose 4-9 dishes from my 100% Customized Menu Options or one of my Signature Menus or requests of your own. Longer term contracts will be 100% customized to clients specific needs.

Step Three: Answer my Questionnaire on allergies, preferences and other details for your group.

Step Four:  – After receiving your customized meal plan please review & confirm. Feel free to request amendments if there are

ingredients you would rather avoid.

– Review and confirm my quoted Fees

– Review Terms & Conditions and pay applicable Deposit (detailed in quote) to reserve.

Step Five: Upon receiving deposit, I will send you a detailed grocery list for your review (if you wish). This provides the opportunity to eliminate items you may already have in your kitchen.

(Please Note: Every single ingredient required for your menu will be included in this list – right down to salt and pepper.)



Thank you,

If you have any questions or to request a quote please send a detailed message.