Private Chef For Hire

While some clients prefer small sit-down plated meals, many wish to indulge guests with a large communal display of 5-9 dishes family style – custom tailored by request. Be it Japanese night with Sushi, Age Dashi Tofu, and Gyoza’s or maybe it’s Italian night boasting handmade Oxtail Raviolis, Ligurian Seafood Stew or decadent Brown Butter Sage Gnocchi. Meal plans are fully customized to your preference, restrictions and desires.

  1. One-Off Help

Hosting unexpected visitors? Planning a last minute holiday or celebrating a milestone? Whatever the occasion, I can make it even more memorable! Menus can be custom built from scratch or pieced together from existing signature dishes. Correspondence through email, phone and video chat ensures every detail is ironed out well in advance.


  1. Seasonal Chef

Some of the best escapes are found in remote locations. Venturing off the beaten path can prove difficult when in search of quality food. I can fix that situation. With custom tailored meal plans and flexible schedules; you’ll surprise guests with an over-the-top experience never leaving your property. Be it summer months at the cottage, winter months on the ski slopes or even a yachting trip through the islands ⇒ I’ll deliver the food you crave!


  1. Your Reoccurring Hired Gun

If you like to travel, but find it difficult to find qualified, professionals who can provide you with your own unique dining experience; you’re in luck! With more than 10 years experience in the hospitality industry, I have carved out a career that allows me follow my two passions: cooking and traveling.


Tailor Made Title