Nutritious; Yet, Delicious

Nutrition is subjective, constantly evolving and often overwhelming. With so many fad diets, ‘quick fixes’ and false information imbedded in our culture it can hard to know what to put on our plate. Everyone has individual understanding and beliefs on the topic. Food does NOT need to be unhealthy in order to be delicious. We eat upwards of four times every day of our lives; it had better be good for us! Below is a cheat sheet to the blueprint of rules I follow in all my recipes. This is a great guide for getting on the right track, without eliminating a ton of stuff from your diet all at once. I tell people to start slowly. Make adjustments each time you do groceries and in time you’ll be shocked how amazing REAL food tastes without all the additives that hook consumers on unhealthy food. It doesn’t matter how many vegetables you put in a salad. If you cover it in a dressing using unhealthy fat, containing sugar and loaded with preservatives your body is not going to be able to extract all the nutrients you think you’re consuming.

**View My Grass Roots Nutrition Cheat Sheet**

‘Classics With A Twist’

To tell a chef to follow a recipe is like telling an artist to color inside the lines. Everyone extracts their own cooking style from years of experience. Influenced by both technique and ideas gathered along the way; I deliver new and exciting dishes by creating twists on the classics. Undeniable flavour combinations with precise cooking techniques and only the freshest ingredients.

My approach is evident in my a few of my signature dishes. Dishes such as My ‘Grilled’ Cheese or ‘Root Beer Float’ Doughnuts have been big hits! Both these dishes find their roots in childhood memories; yet, with a creative reinvention the experience is to die for. Still featured on previous menus I’ve written, they continue to sell out week after week in my absence.

My ‘Grilled’ Cheese

A 100g wheel of triple cream brie is doused in garlic herb butter and charred to perfection over hot coals until the outside caramelizes and the inside became ooooooozy!

Casually eaten with oven-dried tomatoes, chili jam or wild berry compote the combinations are endless! Served with sourdough bread, red wine balsamic reduction and piles of micro greens – this dish is great for parties. Food does not have to be complicated to be delicious. When you have good, quality ingredients to work with it’s about bringing out the best in what nature has to offer.


**Sample Menu**


Cooking is not all about recipes but rather technique and principle ratios. The only difference between the meals I create today and at this time next year is the progress in technique gained through endless resources and inspiration. Here are some important leaders that motivate me to delve deeper into food:

“Synergy; the coming together of two bodies, whose combined force would be greater than the sum of their parts” Gordon Ramsay.

“Nearly anyone- after a few tries can grill a Filet Mignon or a sirloin steak. A trained chimp can steam a lobster. But it takes love, time, and respect for one’s ingredients to properly deal with a pigs ear or kidney. And the rewards are enormous.” Anthony Bourdain.

“You need to know what your aiming for the reach it.” Gordon Ramsay.

“If you need motivation, I probably don’t want to hire you.” Unknown.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food” George Bernard Shaw.

“It’s one thing to aspire to: someday, you’ll be able to write a book.” Thomas Keller.

“I always say a gastronome who isn’t an environmentalist is just stupid, and I say an environmentalist who isn’t a gastronome is just sad.” Petrini.

“Before You Can Take: You Have To Give.” Gitomer.

“There’s a Difference Between Common Sense & Kitchen Sense.” James Harrison.

“Hard Work First . . . Money [Opportunity] Will Follow.” David Schwartz.

“Working hard means nothing more than doing what you set out to do.” Gordon Ramsay.

“People want to be told what to do because they are too afraid to figure it out themselves.” Seth Godin.

“When you run across one of these visionary people with track record you sometimes just have to trust them and run with it.” Gordon Ramsay.

“People don’t care what you do; they care why you do it.” Simon Sinek.

“If I don’t enjoy it; I don’t do it. Period.” Trevor Ross.