100% Customization

Below you’ll find an array of my signatures. Choose as many dishes as you desire from 6 categories. From your choices I’ll build a customized meal plan. Portions are adjusted depending on the number of courses in a meal. Reservation Details

  • ⇒Salt Water or Fresh Water⇐

    white fish | oily fish | lean fish | molluscs | crustaceans

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      Signature Creation

    Oysters With Bacon & Grapefruit

    Briny Oysters | Double Smoked Bacon | Grapefruit Mignonette

     Grapefruit Segments | Watercress


    Crispy double smoked bacon and fresh grapefruit greatly compliment the briny oyster!

    Definitely a seafood lovers dream!

    Charred Calamari Tossed In Smoked Butter

    Smoked Butter | Sweet Pickled Chili | Fennel

    Cilantro | Marinated Scored Calamari


    There is a fine line between raw and overcooked chewy that restaurants have so many issues with.

    This tried tested and true process not only gives the most amazing texture

    and caramelization but perfect doneness.

    Arctic Char Gravlax With Gin Citrus Cure 

    Smoked  Crème Frâiche | Peppery Micro Greens | Pickled Red Onion | Shaved Beets


    Either Salmon, Trout or Arctic Char filets are treated with my Signature Cure.

    Next, they are dried and lightly smoked before thinly slicing. Served with contrasting

    flavours and textures appropriate to the season.

    Mussels in Mediterranean Tomato Butter

    PEI Mussels | Shaved Fennel | Preserve Lemon | Intense Sauce | Oven Dried Tomatoes

    Micro Coriander | Chilli | Sour Dough Bread


    This one is all about the sauce! Fennel, tomatoes, onions, garlic, chilli & Mediterranean

    spices are roasted off then blended into a potent sauce.  The sauce is mounted

    with smoked butter just before cooking the mussels. Opening up as

    they cook; a salty umami broth joins the party to be

    soaked up with bread when served!

     Cold Corn & Crab Soup

    Wheatgrass Cream | Espelette Pepper | Fresh Lime | Coriander Cress


    There is nothing better than a cold soup in summer time and the velvety smooth

    texture works well with a nice dungeons crab salad when combined.


    Hamachi & Charred Chili Crudo  

    Pernod Yuzu Broth | Meyer Lemon Oil | Avocado | Daikon Sprouts | Crispy Shallot


    Bordering right on raw this very lightly marinated dish has just enough time to take on some subtle flavours before being devoured by you. Experience the fresh flesh, smokey chill and refreshing broth in every bite.


    Coriander-Fennel Seed Seared Tuna 

    Raw Fennel | Blood Orange | Jicama | Vinaigrette


     Sushi grade tuna is crusted and heavily seared before being sliced. Served with a fresh slaw

    dressed with Meyer lemon oil & orange chili vinaigrette. Finished with flaked

    himalayan pink salt, micro greens and olive oil.

    Brown Butter Seared Giant Scallops

    Pickled Cauliflower | Crisp Bacon | Micro Watercress| Sharp Radish


    Experience the heightened flavour of a perfectly seared, buttery scallop found in my customized salt curing technique. Warm and

    tender in the middle, yet caramelized and golden on the outside. A perfectly cooked scallop is no longer hard to come by!

    Only needing a slight squeeze of lemon at the table, this proven masterpiece will knock your guests off their feet!

    Sushi or Sashimi

    Seafood { Salmon, Tuna | White Tuna | Mackerel | Crab | etc. }

    Meat { Teriyaki Beef | Ginger Chicken | Chilli Pork }


    Many variations of Maki, Sashimi, Hand Rolls are custom made

    with ingredients including: Avocado | Cucumber | Fish Roe | Sesame | Togarashi | Tempura

  • ⇒ served individual or communal⇐

    to get the taste buds excited

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    Ricotta Hazelnut Gnocchi & Roasted Mushroom Pan Sauce

     Fresh Ricotta | Wild Mushrooms | Thyme Leaves | Brown Butter |

    Sherry | Hazelnut Oil | Pecorino


    Soft pillows of fresh hazelnut ricotta browned in frothy butter with mushrooms and thyme create a sauce right in

    the pan as the wine and stock pull all the roasted flavours together. Platted, cheesed and devoured hot!


    Apple Cider Pulled Pork & Rapini | Madeira Braised Oxtail & Melted Leeks | Broiled Lobster & Watercress Pesto + Pernod

     | Pork Belly & Micro Arugula + Soft Egg | Morel Mushrooms & Pine Nuts + Spruce Essence |

    Smoked Belly & Pecorino Carbonara |  Birch Syrup Glazed Duck & Apricots + Almonds

    My ‘Grilled’ Cheese

    Triple Cream Brie | Sweet-Salty-Spicy Walnuts | Wild Berry Compote |

    Buckwheat Honey | Grilled Sour-Dough Bread


    This ‘Classic with a TWIST’ is a whole wheel of Brie marinated in garlic-herb

    oil then grilled over hot coals! Served oozing hot on a platter with all the fixings!

    Date & Goat Cheese GRILLED Flatbread

    Sticky Dates + Bright Pesto + Aged Balsamic


    Made from scratch with a 3 year old sour dough this dish is packed

    with secret ingredients and techniques.

    Red Curried Tofu & Sweet Fermented Mustard Leaves

    Lightly Fried Soft Tofu | Trevor’s Red Curry Paste |

    Peanuts | Coconut | Thai Basil


    You’ve never had red curry until you’ve had it prepared

    FRESH in your home! With no less than a dozen

    ingredients the red curry steals the show here.

    Cheese + Charcuterie Board + Accompaniments

    Endless Combinations To Discuss

    Spicy-Salty-Swet Nuts (various)

    Grainy ‘tripple crunch’ Mustard

    Raw Buckwheat Honey

    Figs or Dates

    Apple/ Pear Mostarda

    Trevor’s Chili Jam

    Spicy Capicola






    Goat Cheese


    Grey Owl

    Brillat Savarin (Truffle)

    Aged Selections

    ‘Grilled’ Brie (or Halloumi)

    Garlic Baguette Crostini

    Walnut Crackers

    Crusty French Bread

    Sesame Bread Sticks

    Gluten Free Options

    Multi Grain/Seed Toast

  • ⇒from fancy to finger lickin’⇐

    meaty flavour affinities


    Chinese Pork and Chive Dumplings

    Ground Pork | Chinese Chives | Chili | Sesame | Ginger | Soy | Garlic | Secrets | Pea Shoots


    Hand made with a filling recipe developed and tweaked over the past 5 years. On days off I use to eat

    dumplings every week as a cook in Toronto. Slightly obsessed you might say! I can’t visit home without

    making this signature recipe for my Mother.

    Ground Pork | Chinese Chives | Chili | Sesame | Ginger | Soy | Garlic | Secrets


    Coca Cola BBQ Glazed Miami Ribs

    Thin (Cross-Cut) Miami Beef Ribs | Coca-Cola | Barbecue Glaze | Barbecue Spice Rub | Sometimes Bourbon


    Every summer I work at my client’s cottage retreat in Northern Ontario. Never repeating dishes throughout the whole summer might sound difficult, but not with this group! Constantly inspiring me to try new ideas, this dish is Jamie’s personal creation! Ribs are marinated in a spice rub, seared on full blast then slowly glazed with the sauce – ever more as it evaporates – creating the sticky-crispy-charred experience every hot summer day deserves!


    Steak Tartar

    Since1939 Larousse Gastronomique

    Grass Fed Beef | Dijon | Shallot | Capers | Gherkins | Parsley | Tabasco | Olive Oil | Black Pepper

    Maldon Salt | Tarragon | Chervil | Sour Dough Crostinio | Grainy Mustard


    If there is one thing that does not need any twists it’s beef tartar! French all the way on this one. Finely chopped ingredients accent the precisely chopped beefs amazing flavor and freshness while dashes egg yolk, Worcestershire and only the best olive oil emulsify to create that hallmark texture.


    ‘Fortified’ Pork Pâté

    Cognac | Sherry | Port | Madeira | Pork | Spices

    Served With:

    Trevor’s Bacon Jam | Crunchy Mustard  | Sour Dough Crostinio | Pickled Apple


    Thousands of variations exist with endless more accompaniments; but,

    overtime this formula has stuck with me.


    Beef Cheek Risotto Arancini Balls & Spiced Tomato Sauce

    Carnaroli Risotto | Braised Beef Cheeks | Confit Garlic | Chili Tomato Sauce

    Grated Apple Smoked Emmental Cheese


    If you have never had Arancini before you’ll love me for introducing you!

    It’s a great way to use up left over cooked risotto by adding ingredients,

    breading into balls and frying.

    Inspired From Travels

    Fortified Foie Gras Terrine 

    Madeira Soaked Cherries | Smoke Roasted Walnuts| Grape Must | Sour Dough Bread


    With so many ways to serve Foie; it can be difficult to decide whether to sear it, create a Terrine or go with a classic Truffle Torchon! In the South of France it’s oftentimes eaten completely raw – no fuss! Influenced by the Pyrénées region of France, this Foie Gras is marinated in 1 inch cubes, seared and quickly cold pressed with a reduction of the syrupy marinade. Once sliced you are presented with a flagstone look as the marinade fills every crevice. The best way to enjoy raw foie, medium and fully seared Foie in every bite!

    Let The Ingredients Shine

    Jamón ibérico & Charred Peaches

    Burrata Cheese | Virgin Olive Oil | Micro Amaranth | Vincotto


    In this one the ingredients speak for themselves. I just assemble them. A true flavor affinity!

    So Much Work & So Worth It!

    Truffled Elk Gnocchi

    Truffle | Pecorino | Brown Butter Sauce | Cracked Pepper


    Potatoes are simmered with bay leaves,  thyme, garlic and seasoning then slowly cooked until fork tender. Next, they’re oven dried till  crisp. The potato is scraped out (of the skins) and passed through a very fine mesh. This is added to grated parmesan, egg yolk, lemon, nutmeg and flour to be delicately kneaded. Without cooling, the dough is rolled, cut and formed on a wooden gnocchi paddle. If done right the result are pillows of goodness, if not a gooey unsatisfying mess! Let me show you the way!

    Ginger Beer Glazed Chicken Wings

    Chili | Fermented Soy | Fish Sauce | Scallions | Sesame Seeds


    Picked this recipe up in Thailand in 2016. While visiting the North I hired a restaurant chef/ owner in his off season to go to the market and cook for an entire day with me. Well worth it!

    Cured Meat & Oxtail Tortelloni

    Provolone | Tomato Coulis | Roasted Red Peppers


    Hand formed with a dough containing more semolina that a regular noodle

    giving the pasta texture and strength to hold up to further cooking.


    A Variety Of Grilled, Pan Seared or Broiled Options:

    ⇒ Charred Pineapple & Halloumi Cheese + Spiced Maple Rum Glaze (cinnamon, clove, vanilla) + Mint

    ⇒ Prosciutto Wrapped Nectarine + Grill + Balsamic Glaze + Basil Shoots

    ⇒ Curried Lamb Chops & Apricots + Toasted Walnut + Preserve Lemon Yogurt + Micro Coriander

    ⇒ Rosemary Balsamic Glazed Mushroom Skewer + Chopped Parsley

    ⇒ Piri Piri Salmon & Lemon + Red Pepper Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

    ⇒ Chipotle Chicken + Avocado Tomato Pico De Gallo + Baby Coriander


  • ⇒Garden Fresh⇐

    so many variations

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    Nutrient Dense 

    Butter Lettuce, Avocado & Potent Green Goddess Dressing

    Oven Dried Tomatoes | Avocado | Parsley Oil | Crème Fraîche

    Ramp It Up:

    Lobster Knuckles – or – BBQ Pulled Chicken

    Rich & Delicious

    Bitter Greens, Brown Butter Walnuts & Fig-Pear Cider Vinaigrette

    Treviso | Radicchio | Shredded Kale

    Salty-Spicy-Sweet Walnuts & Pecans | Dried Figs | Manchego

    Ramp It Up:

    5-Spiced Pulled Poultry or Quince

    Vegetarian Heaven

     Cooked Farro, Chickpea & Olives

    Marinated Cherry Tomatoes | Cucumber | Roasted Peppers | Feta | Spicy Green Olives

    Sprout Mix | Micro Oregano | Pickled Onion Vinaigrette


    Ramp It Up:

    Pickled Vegetables or Shredded Apple

    Many Classics – With A Twist

    From Around The World

    Asian Chopped Salad | Papaya Salad | Tabbouleh | Insalata Caprese | Niçoise | Panzanella | Waldorf

    Quite Hearty

    Grilled Artichoke Hearts, Russet Potato & Sun Dried Tomato & Salsa Verde

    Charred Radicchio | Smoked Bacon | White Anchovies | Gruyère | Roasted Garlic Croutons

    Ramp it up:

    Sliced Prosciutto or Seafood


    Packed With Super Foods! 

    Cayenne Rubbed Wild Salmon, Cucumber & Charred Scallions 

    Coriander & Dill | Avocado | Za’atar Spiced Crispy Chickpeas | Chicory

    Citrus Cucumber Yogurt Raita | Parsley Oil | Sprout Blend

    Topped With:

    Chia Sprouts | Flax Seeds | Cooked Dehydrated Quinoa

    Ramp It Up:

    Charred Octopus or White Anchovies or Braised Lamb 

    Health Conscious Yet Delicious

    Shredded Black Kale, Red Grapes & Pine Nuts

    Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette | Dried Currents | Pecorino | Oven Dried

    Cherry Tomatoes | Torn Radicchio | Cracked Pepper

    Getting Grainy

    Quinoa Blend, Apple & Arugula Pesto

    Crushed Coriander & Fennel Seeds | Sunflower Seeds | Tea Soaked Sultanas | Apple

    Arugula Pine Nut Pesto | Greek Yogurt

    Ramp It Up:

    Pulled Chicken or Goat Cheese

    On The Peppery Side

    Quinoa, Arugula & Dijon Mustard-Cider Vinaigrette

    Mustard Greens | Shredded Pear | Seed Blend | Parmesan | Grainy Mustard | Bacon

    Sliced Cucumber | Grape Tomatoes | Cashews

    Ramp It Up:

     Marinated Beef Slices

  • ⇒show stoppers⇐

    well worth the wait

    Charred Rib Eye, Langoustine & Sauce Périgueux

    Madeira | Black Truffle | Foie Gras | Hon Shimeji Mushrooms

    Hay Smoked Sturgeon

    Smoked Mushroom Pork Dashi | Charred Ramps | Cipollini

    Barley | Caviar | Preserve Lemon

    Adobo Monkfish & Clams

    Garbanzo Bean Chorizo Stew | Smoked Scallion Clam Broth | Nigella Seeds | Coriander Cress | Preserve Lemon

    Artichokes A La Plancha

    Fried White Anchovies | Fava Beans | Garlic Aioli | Piquillio Peppers

    Charred Salsa Verde

    Farro Stuffed Quail & Birch Syrup Mushroom Jus

    Melted Leeks | Glazed Cipollini Onions

    Alaskan Spot Prawn & Scallop Ceviche

    Red Jalapeños | Ramp Citrus Broth| Shallot | Micro Sambuca

    Sprouted Fennel Seeds | Sprouted Coriander Seeds

    Similar to ‘Crudo’, this is closer to the Latin Ceviche as it’s marinated longer to slightly cook the flesh with acidity. Often served right in the freshly shucked scallop shell and with caviar to really impress guests.

    Risotto Options

    • Duck Confit + Apple Wood Cheddar + Caramelized Apple
    • Mushroom + Tarragon + Mascarpone
    • Duck Prosciutto + Sherry + Parmesan
    • Butter Poached Seafood + Pea + Preserve Lemon
    • Smoke Bison Ragu + Oven Dried Tomato + Asparagus

    Pasta Options

    • Farfalle – Sweet Pea + Crème Fraîche + Tarragon + Lobster
    • Pappardelle – Wild Mushrooms + Parmesan + Truffle
    • Ravioli – Ham Hock + Roasted Red Peppers + Swiss Chard + Cheddar
    • Tagliatelle – Pesto + Short Rib + Charred Tomato + Bone Broth
    • Mac & Cheese – Pulled Pork + Bread Crumb + 5 Cheese Blend
    • Cannelloni – Ricotta + Crab + Spinach + Piquillio Pepper Coulis


  • ‘Root Beer Float’ Doughnuts


    Handmade Doughnuts| Tri-Spiced Coconut Sugar | Sasparilla Root Caramel Sauce |Wintergreen-Bourbon Vanilla Gelato


    This is a ‘classic with a twist’! This has all the flavours found in a Root Beer Float

    using only natural ingredients spices and roots!

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