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 UnknownTrevor Ross: Staging and Starbelly

Trevor Ross has come a long way from washing dishes at Red Lobster when he was 15.

That first job in his hometown of London, Ont., was the first step of many that have taken the 26-year-old into kitchens of restaurants around the world. The latest is the soon-to-open Starbelly in Calgary, where he heads up the kitchen and dining room as executive chef. Read More


Canadian Chefs in Conversation: Chef Trevor Ross, Calgary AB

The first major influence on Ross as a chef was working with a certain cook while opening another chain restaurant. This cook had worked in fine dining restaurants and Ross says that the way he spoke about food and making everything from scratch was inspirational to him. He points out that this cook also encouraged him to enroll in the Cordon Bleu cooking school in Ottawa.

It was the Cordon Bleu cooking school that Ross mentions as the second major influence on him. He explains, “That’s where I discovered great cuisine and what good food’s about. It was there that I found my love for French and European food and everything made from scratch with fresh ingredients.” Read More


John Gilchrist: Starbelly a fresh new restaurant option in Calgary’s deep southeast

Executive chef Trevor Ross has an idea of what might work and is trying various approaches. His lunch menu includes the option to pair any entree with a soup or salad for $18 or create your own two-course lunch for $24. You might start with a Waldorf salad or a ham hock and white bean soup and then follow that with a smoked chicken salad sandwich or mussels in a Mediterranean tomato butter. And you might finish with a plate of root beer doughnuts, vanilla gelato and caramel sauce. Read More


At Long Last…Starbelly

On one visit I was treated to a ‘behind’ the scenes’ kitchen and cold room tour where I was amazed at the well stocked and organized refrigerated room. The scent of curing duck prosciutto was prevalent and I inhaled the aromas deeply as Chef Trevor showed me the various ‘in house’ cured and smoked meats, including all the bacon that they use and some of the best pastrami I have ever tasted.  Making everything ‘in house’ is a lot of work but the quality and care are certainly reflected in the plate set in front of each customer. Read More


Starbelly: Gourmet-casual fare in Seton

Chef Trevor Ross and his team are putting together dishes that rival anything you could find downtown, but at much more reasonable prices. Having graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa and since worked at high-end restaurants across the world, Chef Trevor has used his experience to his advantage featuring techniques such as 30-day cured duck prosciutto on Starbelly’s menu. Read More


A Globe-Trotting Chef

So what of a highly trained culinary artist opening an upscale eatery in the ‘burbs on the edge of town? “The idea of opening up so far from downtown drew me in,” Trevor says. “I have already worked in downtown places that were too polished and stuffy and was done with it. Here I’ve already got two dozen regulars that come in two to three times a week, and you just don’t get those relationships downtown.” Read More


Trevor Ross – Cuisine Diploma 2008

“I highly recommend pouring yourself into the education available at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa . Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa provides a well structured course load; however the more you push yourself to learn and seek out volunteer opportunities the better you will be.” Read More



Andrée Riffou – Founder

Trevor Ross is a very focused chef who has excellent organizational skills and people’s skills. He is dynamic and it really shows when he shares his passion for food with his guests.

peters yard

Georgina Crisp – General Manager, Peter’s Yard

Trevor Ross has been working on a voluntary basis with us at Peter’s Yard over the past two months. He has been a really strong member of our team. He’s worked in the bakery learning how to make bread and pastry. He has gained a solid understanding of bread making from experienced members of our team. He has also given demonstrations in our kitchen to several members of staff. He has helped create and execute new menus . . .


Cheryl Annett – Guest Services Manager, Idlewyld Inn

In January 2011 Trevor was called upon with short notice to coordinate and execute an important birthday event for the owners of the Idlewyld Inn. This event was a high end 8 course menu for 45 guests. Trevor had full creative control of the menu design, ingredients and ordering of product.

The event overall was a huge success. I attended the event personally and was impressed by each course. The clever pairing of food and wing, the presentation of each disha dn the timing of the meal was impeccable. Everyone in the room raved about the food and service that evening.