Hired Gun Private Chef

Hosting parties small or large, I’ll pump the food out of your kitchen like you’ve never seen!

Although I became a chef for the love of food, the ability to grab my knives and entertain people anywhere in the world is thrilling! I enjoy the freedom of freelance work as my career has my career has taken me worldwide, exposing me to many styles of cuisine. Spanning several cities, my background spans from luxury hotels, country clubs, mountain top eateries, world renowned restaurants, and private estates, both at home and abroad. This experience is guaranteed to suit your specific needs. Always prepared for a challenge, excited to take on more, I travel wherever my services are needed. Be it your holiday getaway, weekend cottage or downtown loft; if you’re hosting hungry guests or celebrating something special, I’m your guy.

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Group Team Building

Step one to learning how to cook is learning to TASTE! A Black Box Challenge is an undetermined selection of ingredients (similar to Iron Chef) from which infinite combinations, preparations and dishes can be created. I’ll help navigate through it.

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Instructor ⇒ Interactive Dining

Understanding the proper way to hold a chef’s knife, why chefs heat their steel pans before beginning to cook or which cooking fat to use will not only save you time and improve confidence; but it will make your meals more nutritious and tasty!

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